Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The 73rd senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign is Julie Macgregor from Glasgow, Scoland.

Julie is the daughter of another senior member, Jim Macgregor, who is the co-author of Hidden History which tells the real, truthful story of the origins of World War 1. 

Julie is a zoologist by training with a specialty in population dynamics, but like her father, she is also a historical researcher. Her main focus has been on the history of Palestine and the formation of the Israeli state, and that took her to the West Bank in 2015. Julie is passionate about uncovering real history, and she has a firm grasp on modern propaganda and media manipulation. She has had articles published on BBC bias and other subjects.

Her father Jim brought Julie into some of our lively roundtable discussions within the OIC, and I and others being very impressed with her, it was decided to invite her to become a member in her own right, which she readily accepted. 

And now, Julie has taken a keen interest in the murder of Jane Stanford and how it relates to the Eugenics movement at the time. 

We welcome Julie into the OIC, and we thank her for her vigorous interest in historical truth. 

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