Saturday, April 16, 2016

For those who kindly indulge my modest musical efforts, I decided to do another song. If there is one thing we have learned in JFK assassination research, it's the difference a day can make, like the day that OIC Chairman Larry Rivera made the image overlay of Oswald and Doorman, proving they are one and the same. 

So, that day made a lot of difference, but I'll tell you another day that made a big difference: the day that Maria Grever wrote this song What a Difference a Day Makes because it brought her immortality. This song, written in 1944, is still immensely popular all over the world. And Maria Grever was a great woman otherwise. She had a disease which rendered her partially blind, and she gave a lot of money and raised a lot of money to help the blind, especially in Latin America. The United Way called her the "Woman of the Americas". She died in 1951, which was the year I was born. So, this is me performing her most famous song, What a Difference a Day Makes. Thank you, Maria.

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