Saturday, April 16, 2016

The whole idea that Fritz would have instructed his men to start concocting a phony story for Oswald's odyssey from Dealey Plaza is ridiculous on the face of it. How would that instruction have gone down? Have you ever thought about it? 

Fritz: OK, listen up, men. We've got a task to do. We need to concoct a phony story of how Oswald left Dealey Plaza, complete with phony evidence, phony witnesses- the works. And be clever about it; don't make it seem rote. You have him ride a bus; then he switches to a cab. Be creative. Sims, you find an appropriate bus that Oswald could have taken, and then you track down the driver and get him on-board.  Use the usual threats. Also, drum up a couple of witnesses to claim that they saw Oswald and overheard him. Boyd, you run over to the taxi company and find us a suitable driver to say he drove Oswald home- somebody with the gift of gab. And we need something physical. I know! A bus transfer ticket. Get it, Sims.   

Sims: Captain, are you saying that Oswald didn't really do this and that we're framing him? 

Fritz: What I'm saying, Detective, is that orders from on high are that Oswald has to look like the "lone assassin" with the emphasis on "lone." Therefore, he couldn't have a getaway driver. Ipso facto: he used public transportation to flee Dealey Plaza. Get it?

Sims: Well, I do, Captain, but it looks to me like Oswald must be innocent, and the people who are giving you these orders must be responsible for Kennedy's murder and Tippit's too.

Fritz: Spare us your professional annotations, Detective Sims; they are irrelevant. 

Sims: Apologies, Captain. 

Anyone recognize that? Anyone? Anyone?

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