Saturday, April 2, 2016

If Oswald had gone to Mexico City, wouldn't he have known that it was futile to lie about it?

According to officialdom, Oswald stayed the entire time at the Hotel Comercio, and HE REGISTERED UNDER HIS OWN NAME. His real name. As Lee Harvey Oswald. 

So, how could he possibly think there was any chance he could effectively lie about it if he really went there? By "effectively" I mean getting away with it. 

I say no: Oswald wasn't that stupid. Backes is that stupid. But not Oswald. 

Oswald was being accused of killing the President of the United States and a police officer, which he denied. But, how would it look if he got caught lying about something as innocuous as a trip to Mexico City? He wasn't accused of committing any crimes in Mexico City. And he wasn't accused of doing anything in Mexico City to further any plan to kill Kennedy. 

So, since he had no reason to lie, and since he stood no chance of getting away with it if he did lie, why did he deny going to Mexico City if he really went there??????????????????????????????

And no, there is no audio tape of Oswald's voice in Mexico City. Backes said that there is, but he also said that Ruth Paine typed Oswald's letter to the Russian Embassy, and later he credited her with writing it. And all of that was based on nothing.

If there were an audio tape of Oswald's voice in Mexico City, we'd all have heard it a thousand times. 

Here is Len Osanic on BlackOp Radio introducing John Armstrong. Osanic says:

"Did Lee Oswald really go to Mexico City? Where's the evidence? No photos. No voice recordings. No positive identification."

Here's the link:

Then, it's John Armstrong's turn:

"There is no definitive proof that Lee Harvey Oswald ever went to Mexico City. I believe the whole thing was staged. The CIA had the Cuban Embassy's phone lines taped in ten different places. They had the Soviet Embassy's phone conversations taped. At the HSCA, there was a lot of discussion about all the cameras that were all around the Cuban Embassy and the Russian Embassy. These were called 'pulse star cameras.' The telephoto lens was focused on the entry doors to the Russian and Cuban Embassies. And not one camera; there were 2 at the Cuban Embassy and 3 at the Russian Embassy. The CIA said, thru David Atlee Phillips, that the cameras were not working on the day that Oswald visited.  But, the HSCA found out that the cameras were working and that Phillips was lying. A short man with blonde hair showed up at the Cuban Embassy and identified himself as Lee Harvey Oswald. Yet, there are no CIA tape recordings or photographs to identify this man. None of the Cuban Consular employees nor the two CIA assets inside the Consulate identified the man as Lee Harvey Oswald. Sylvia Duran described the man as "short and blonde." These photos were obtained by the HSCA from the Cuban government. This is the man who identified himself as Oswald in 1963."

"Note that members of the HSCA staff met directly with Castro over this."

"According to Sylvia Duran, this Oswald called the Russian Embassy from the Cuban Consulate. The CIA obtained the tape of that recording. It was clearly not the voice of Oswald. The FBI stated that it was not Oswald's voice. And then the tape disappeared or was erased." 

"This is the image of the man who appeared at the Russian Embassy as Lee Harvey Oswald:"

"But, do you know what tape does exist? The tape of LBJ talking to Hoover about it the very day after the assassination, in which Hoover told LBJ that the image isn't Oswald nor is the voice."

"CIA officers lied, and they fabricated false documents to create the illusion that Oswald was in Mexico City."

Ralph Cinque: You see the writing in Spanish on the right. I have criticized this image of Oswald previously. Look how stocky he looks: thick in the neck and husky in the shoulders. The Oswald of fame was never that stocky at any time in his short life. That is not a valid image of the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame.  

"The Warren Commission had very little documentation that placed Oswald in Mexico City. And, there were credible eyewitnesses who placed him in Dallas at the same time. The Warren Commission knew that photographs and tape recordings proved that someone had impersonated Oswald in Mexico City. But, they kept that information from the public. 

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