Saturday, April 2, 2016

Does John Newman think Oswald was guilty of shooting Kennedy? Or does he think he was innocent? 

In what I have read of his writings online, I can't tell. I have no idea. He says he is a "conspiracy theorist" but one can have a conspiracy which includes Oswald as shooter. It's still a conspiracy. Right?

John Newman has repeatedly stated that he doesn't think it is important whether Oswald actually went to Mexico City or not. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't. 

My goodness, do you think he could feel the same way about the assassination? That it doesn't matter whether Oswald shot Kennedy or not, that it was a CIA operation either way, so it doesn't matter? Do you think he could be an agnostic about Oswald's guilt or innocence? Is that possible?

Well, I posed the question to him on Facebook.

We'll see if he responds, and I'll let my readers know. 

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