Sunday, April 10, 2016

In light of what I reported about Freddy Prinze, I'll point out that John Lennon's murder was also reportedly connected to the Kennedy assassination. However, I don't mean the JFK assassination; I mean RFK.

I first learned about it from OIC senior member Ted Coeyman. Ted doesn't come online, but he stays in touch with me by phone. And he is a very knowledgeable assassination researcher. 

It had to do with the actor Sal Mineo, who was a friend of Robert Kennedy, and who was researching his murder in order to make a docu-drama about it- to tell the truth. Sal planned to play Sirhan Sirhan himself. Elite private detectives were hired, and the one who was bankrolling the whole thing was John Lennon. Sal Mineo was senselessly murdered in 1976 in the alley behind his apartment in West Hollywood. Production on the movie was about to begin. Witnesses saw a white man do it, but a black man, Lionel Williams, was convicted. Was he another innocent patsy, like Lee Harvey Oswald? Or perhaps I should say like Ray Crump, although fortunately for Crump, his astute African-American lawyer Dovey Rountree kicked the living bejesus out of the federal prosecutors who were trying to frame him. 

But, concerning John Lennon's connection to Sal Mineo, read this excerpt from The Illusion of Democracy: A More Accurate History of the Modern United States by Phil Minnitti:

I thank Ted Coeyman for making me aware of this. 

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