Sunday, April 10, 2016

In response to what I put up about Bill Hicks, OIC Chairman Larry Rivera responded by pointing out that many suspect the same thing about actor/comedian Freddy Prinze. So, I did a little searching about that, and here is something I found:

Freddie Prinze was only 22 years old when he was murdered. Murdered? To be sure, they say he committed suicide, but there is not a single shred of reliable evidence to prove that. On the other hand, ever since we learned that the Zapruder film fascinated Freddie Prinze, we have come to believe that Freddie Prinze was deliberately murdered. To be sure, it is difficult to grasp the fact that anybody would destroy such a promising young man, and then, there is the reality of the vile brutality of the past 40 years. The perpetual dribble of history’s slow leaking faucet proves that things are not what they appear to be and that if we rely upon faulty, contemporary perception, we almost always get it wrong.
One of the questions that is always worth exploring is what have we learned about today, that can help us better understand the gaps of yesterday? Yesterday, we did not think about the fact that people like Freddie Prinze were politically influential. It was all considered to be just entertainment, just as it was all supposed to be. But when a President is murdered and the brutal act is recorded on film, entertainers chronicle politics and they become voices that are potentially influential and disturbing, depending upon the nature of the controversy -and there is none that is more controversial and has produced a greater impact than the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
If you are fortunate enough to have viewd Freddie Prinze’s brilliant performances, you should appreciate the potential “political” impact that somebody like Freddie Prince was capable of delivering, had his life been spared. His stand-up routine on the Tonight Show was so special that Freddie Prinze was the first comedian to be called back by Johnny Carson to the couch after his stand-up routine. Without queston, Freddie Prinze was the most gifted comedian we have ever laid eyes upon, and if the world failed to acknowledge his political influence, the people who are responsible for covering up the truth about the Kennedy assassination, did not.
On January 28, 1977, somebody who thinks and acts like Gordon Liddy and his cronies, murdered Freddie Prinze, knowing full well that it is very easy to convince most authorities that pre-meditated murder is in fact a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
You have to understand the strange world that strange people like Gordon Liddy construct, to appreciate the unbelievable, vile plots they routinely embrace. Militant anti-Communists like Gordon Liddy routinely engaged massive, illegal, domestic spy operations, and the only difference between the routine illegalities they embraced and Watergate is that they rarely got caught in the act. But the unrecorded trail of vile operations is ultimately betrayed by timeless, relentless, unforgiving history. Indeed, the chain of vile is absolutely unbroken. As late as September 2000, someone broke into Al Gore's Midtown campaign headquarters and stole several computers containing confidential information. The burglary took place on the 19th floor of Number Two Penn Plaza, the New York City headquarters of the Democratic campaign and the Gore campaign. Three laptop computers and a Palm Pilot were stolen sometime between 4:00am and 8:00am., and the obvious target of that theft was detailed financial information about Mr. Gore's upcoming, gala fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall. But the typically hysterical media was too busy rehashing Bhudist temple propaganda and other similar nonsense, to expose another Watergate.

The politics of Watergate and the Kennedy assassination cover up dominated the 1970’s, and for those who are not acquainted with the history of this domestic, spy war, the following is a brief synopsis:
In April of 1973, Nixon’s top aides, including the Attorney General of the United States, resigned overWatergate. In October, faced with the possibility of impeachment, Nixon fired the new Attorney General. In November, Nixon’s Secretary took the blame for “accidentally” erasing an 18 minute tape that probably betrayed Richard Nixon’s role in the Kennedy assassination cover up. In March of 1974, Richard Nixon was named a Watergate co-conspirator. In July of 1974, the Supreme Court ordered Richard Nixon to turn over surviving Watergate tapes. By August, it was very clear that Nixon could not survive scrutiny without earning ten times the jail sentences that his aides received, and the coward resigned in disgrace. In February of 1975, Nixon aides, John N. Mitchell, H.R. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman were sentenced to serve two and one-half to eight years in prison, despite the fact that the most incriminating evidence was “accidentaly” erased. In June of 1975, Sam Giancana, who was linked to the plot to assassinate Fidel Castro and to cover up the truth about the Kennedy assassination, was gunnd down outside his home. In April of 1976, the emaciated body of eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes, was wheeled from a stretcher to the morgue of a Houston hospital. Hughes routinely financed spy wars in a manner that mirrored Richard Melon Scaife’s famous “Arkansas Projects” , and one can only imagine the sort of operations that his money funded. In particular, there is good reason to believe that the financial empire of the billionaire recluse financed Nixon’s interests. The paths of “co-patriots” like Nixon and Hughes never failed to cross, and even if they ultimately developed a dislike for each other as some suggest, they shared the obsession to evade accountability through the terror of privately funded, secret operations. On January 19, 1977, Freddie Prinze made his final public appearance at the Inaugural Ball for President Jimmy Carter. On January 28, 1977, Freddie Prinze was shot. The suicide verdict was as conclusive as one can possibly get. He allegedly shot himself in front of his manager and he left the note “No one had anything to do with it. My decision totally.....(Signed) Freddie Prinze.” Case Closed. This is one verdict that was as solid and as conclusive as the frivolous FBI claim that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Freddie Prinze was a virtual eyewitness to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and given what we now know about the zeal to cover up the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, there is every reason to believe that his death was anything but an accident. Through his contacts, Freddie Prinze had acquired a copy of the dramatic, Zapruder film and he watched it over, and over and over again. The impact of the Zapruder film is absolutely intense to say the very least. When a copy of the Zapruder film was aired on Geraldo Rivera's Good Night America talk show, on March 6, 1975, many believed the backward movement of the president’s head and upper body proved the fatal shot came from the front, not from behind in the Book Depository. Indeed, they were absolutely right, and the Zapruder film makes any bright man like Freddie Prinze a virtual eyewitness to the crime of the century. If we do not want to believe that Freddie was murdered because he was not about to shut his mouth about what he knew about the Kennedy assassination, then we must accept the claim that this bright young man who was filled with hope and promise, wrote a suicide note to prove that he was just another demented, lone-gunman, handed it to his manager and shot himself in his presence, to produce a conclusive, suicide verdict. In retrospect, the claim that Freddie Prinze committed suicide is nothing more than an "overkill" lone-gunman theory, deliberately manufactured to keep the truth away from the public.

It is rather ironic because Freddie Prinze essentially shared the fate of Lee Harvey Oswald, another young man who was deliberately murdered to keep the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy buried. When Freddie Prinze repeatedly watched the Zapruder film, at a time when it was not available to the public, he essentially became a reliable, eyewitness to the Kennedy assassination and that is what is probably responsible for claiming his life. Suicide is not a credile option.

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