Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Just as with Oswald in the doorway, the thing that matters above all else is to compare the images. And remember what we're talking about here: whether we are looking at the exact same DNA or at completely different DNA with no association or relationship whatsoever to the other figure. 

I'm satisfied that that is the same guy on both sides of the collage. I don't see any dealbreakers here, and all it takes is one dealbreaker. 

Now, let those who say that it's not Cruz find another identity for that man. He's holding leaflets- just like the ones Oswald was holding. You can't tell me it's impossible to identify him. Oswald was closely watched and monitored in New Orleans, and his associations duly noted. If that isn't Rafael Cruz, who is he? And if they have no idea, then the Cruz possibility looms larger. Nothing short of conclusively identifying that man as someone else is going to make it go away. And so far, they haven't even gotten started. No other candidates have been proposed so far that I've seen. Maybe they will be forthcoming, but then again, maybe not. And until they propose someone else, Rafael Cruz is the only candidate there is. And he is a very credible, plausible candidate to be that man.  

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