Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Idiot Backes keeps saying that the case for it being Rafael Cruz at the Trade Mart with Oswald isn't proven. It keeps using the word "proof" over and over again. 

Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that it isn't proved. It's still a compelling possibility, isn't it? And, I'm not asking Backes because he thinks the fact that Cruz had a college degree from UT makes it unlikely he would be milling around with Oswald in New Orleans. But, if Cruz was involved with the CIA, that doesn't matter. Lots of people who were in the CIA had other aspects to their career and their lives and their identity. I don't think it detracts the least bit that he had a college degree. If Cruz was part of the plot to frame Oswald, it doesn't matter if he had a PhD. 

Backes brought up the fiasco about the suited man at the Trade Mart, which David Josephs claimed was Bill Shelley. And for a short while, I bought into that. But, others claimed it was Thomas Beckham, and I confirmed it myself by digging up obscure images of Beckham, and then I tracked him down and talked to his son about it for half an hour on the phone. Beckham didn't come to the phone, but he was listening to the conversation and telling his son things to pass on to me. For some reason, he didn't want to speak to me directly. And after that, I was satisfied that it indeed was Beckham, and I immediately issued a retraction and an apology.

Alright, so that took care of that, but now we're on to this:

And, if you're going to say that that isn't Cruz, then you have to do the same thing: provide a different identity for him. Tell us who he is. You know very well that Oswald was being tracked and monitored in New Orleans, and all of his associations were well known. That man is holding leaflets- just like Oswald. So, who is he? If you have no idea, then the possibility of it being Rafael Cruz looms larger, and you can't make it go away. 

And since there is no one else being proffered, and since the image comparison is very good, and since Rafael Cruz' association with the CIA and with the anti-Castro movement is very well established, including his being in New Orleans according to Madsen, it certainly is incumbent on Ted Cruz to respond to this. Hey, if he wants to deny it, he can. Fine. But, I want to hear him say it. What I don't want to see him do is ignore it. 

And let's take another example. There is also the figure of George HW Bush in front of the Book Depository hours after the assassination.

The same people who said that the suited man was Beckham tried to claim that the man with his hand in his pocket was Gus Rose, a Dallas PD detective. Well, the top image is Gus Rose, and having a head like Charlie Brown,  as he does, I can guarantee you that he was NOT the man in the Robert Allen photo. 

I call this photo "Suits and Cops" because on the right, you have the local cops, including one Dallas PD detective wearing the trademark white Stetson hat, and on the left, huddled together, you've got the suits. I can tell you that they weren't representing the state of Texas. They were feds. Now, why would Gus Rose be mingling with a bunch of feds? That's Bush. What they tried to do here failed. They tried to pass Gus Rose off for Bush, but it didn't work. It's not Rose. It's Bush.

So, we're 1 and 1 so far, and this new case has to be handled the exact same way. If anyone has an idea who this guy is other than Rafael Cruz, then speak up:

But, Backes, being stupid, spoke stupidly. Just because we don't have mathematical proof (yet) that it's him is no reason to dismiss the whole idea.  That's ridiculous. If you want to disprove that it's him, then prove that it's somebody else. I'll certainly consider any alternate candidates. 

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