Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Let's talk about Donald Trump. I'm not really among his supporters, but I sure am among his fans. What I mean is that I like him; I admire his spunk; and I like his whole attitude. But, I don't actually support all the things he says. 

For instance, he wants to ban Muslims from coming here? He can't do that. What if somebody wanted to ban Jews from coming here? Or Christians? It's the same thing. You can't do it. 

Besides, it's all based on 9/11 and the Muslim hijackers. But, 9/11 was an inside job. The official story is bunk. Those buildings did not collapse because of fire. I don't blame the Muslims in the first place. Therefore, no, I do not support a ban on Muslims coming here. 

Then, he wants to fight the loss of American jobs by putting tariffs on China? All that's going to do is make the stuff in WalMart more expensive. And if people have to pay more to get the same things, they'll have less money to spend on other things, which means it will hurt the economy. Plus, the Chinese may respond by putting tariffs on our exports, so the result will be that people everywhere will be paying more for the things they want, while more money will be siphoned off by government. How is that good for the economy?

Then he wants to build a wall and force Mexico to kick-in $15 billion to keep the illegals out. I don't like that idea either. 

But, I do respect the fact that he is his own man, not beholden to anybody, and he is definitely not beholden to the Establishment. 

And, it is obvious that they are scared to death of him becoming President. Every single article I read about him in the mainstream press is negative. It's the most negative campaign coverage I have ever seen in my 65 years. 

We have been talking about it some in the OIC, and some have have wondered if they are going to play the lone-nut card to deal with Donald Trump. But, one member, Pat Shannan, insists no, that that's the old-fashioned way of doing it. He says they are going to keep Trump from being elected President by just seeing to it that he isn't. Here's Pat:


While the Controlled Mass Media continue to brainwash Americans with why Trump is bad, Cruz is good and Hillary is the one the people really want; that Trump can’t beat her but Cruz can, the following brief lesson in Electronic Vote Fraud 101 displays what will be the tool to prove them right. It also is the convincing evidence of why the antiquated method of elimination of an undesirable via bullets or a plane crash is no longer necessary.

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