Thursday, April 7, 2016

Have to laugh about another Trump matter. It was just announced today that his daughter Ivanka's scarfs are being recalled by the government because of flammability issues- although no one has gotten hurt. But, the most significant thing to me is that the scarfs are made in China. 

Ivanka responded in a statement that they take pride in "offering working women accessibly-priced products that suit their needs and look great."

Well, if that's so, it's probably because they're made in China. But, how accessible are they going to be after Donald adds a hefty tariff? 

The fact is: everybody looks for the most value, the best economy, and if that means manufacturing in China, so be it. Even Ivanka Trump agrees. Note: they misspelled the plural of scarf, which is scarfs.  

And I heard again from OIC member Pat Shannan, and he noted that although the RNC demanded that Trump declare his willingness and intention to endorse the Republican nominee, no matter who it is, that the same doesn't apply to them, that if Trump gets the nomination (and he may have it locked up before the convention in July) that Republican leaders will endorse Hillary.  That's what Pat predicts, and I concur. These Republican leaders, like Romney, who have trashed Trump so severely are not going to turn around and endorse him if he wins. But, I really hope he does. 

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