Saturday, April 2, 2016

More shit being flung by the Stupid Backass: 

I do not believe for one minute that Lee Harvey Oswald actually wrote this letter, nor that he typed this up.  I can believe that Ruth Paine wrote it.  

He says he can believe Ruth Paine wrote it. But, why say that? Either there is evidence that Ruth Paine wrote it or there isn't. Who gives a shit what you can believe, Backes? 

But, there is no evidence that she wrote it, nor is there any evidence that she typed it. It would have been pretty Machiavellian if she did.

Let's get real: Ruth Paine was involved in setting up Oswald. Her mother-in-law was best friends with Allen Dulles' longtime mistress, Mary Bancroft. They used Ruth. She was a tool to them.

But no, they wouldn't have used her to write phony letters. They didn't need her for that. There were plenty of other people who could do that- people who would not have to be named, who could remain in the shadows. But, Ruth couldn't remain in the shadows. They knew that after it went down, Ruth Paine was going to be in the spotlight. And, they certainly didn't want her to carry the burden of having framed Oswald- to that extent. She would have had to be an accomplished actress to testify and sound innocent had she done that. They wanted her to be able to tell her story as naturally as possible, with as little lying as possible. So, they weren't going to have her concoct any letters for Oswald. Was it Ruth Paine's idea to spell "Of course" as "Of cores"?  As I said, it would have been awfully Machiavellian for her to do such a thing. 

As far as what Newman said, obviously, the plan got changed. Originally, it was going to be a Communist plot, and it's possible that they intended to use the assassination as a pretext to invade Cuba. But, by November 22, the plan had been changed, and the lone nut scenario was in place.

Who was responsible for making the switch? I don't know, but LBJ may have had an important role in it. As November 22 grew near, LBJ's stature and prominence in the plot must have grown, and also his influence. We know for a fact that he wasn't interested in blaming the Communists. He told a lot of people that if they didn't exonerate the Communists, it could result in a nuclear war. So, maybe LBJ is the one who ordered the switch to lone nuttery. 

But, Oswald's trip to Mexico City wasn't publicized before the assassination. Not at all. It was off the radar. They went through with it afterwards, perhaps because it was too late not to, that they had too many balls in motion. But, what their purpose became was not to drag the Communists into the plot with Oswald, but just to show how committed he was to Communism, to make him seem like a zealot, a fanatic. It went to his motive. But, he was still the lone-nut. 

So, the letter which came out later, was not to implicate the Communists in the plot to kill Kennedy. How many times do I have to tell you that Oswald was made to be a lone nut? But, going to Mexico City to obtain the visas (which he didn't do; it's a lie that he went there) made him look erratic and compulsive and impulsive and very wacky. It played into the persona of the person who was said to have gone off his rocker and killed the President some weeks later. You see, just by chance, Ruth Paine got him that job at the Depository, which created the opportunity for him to kill Kennedy, but that had nothing to do with anything or anyone. It was pure happenstance.

Newman's position that it doesn't matter whether the real Oswald of fame went to Mexico |City or if it was just impostors who were there, I do NOT support. It DOES matter, and the fact is: Oswald did NOT go there. If he had gone there, they would have surely captured a photo of him there. Is it necessary for me to point out that there are no images of the real Oswald of fame in Mexico City? When you combine that with the fact that Oswald denied going there, you have every good reason to believe that he didn't go there. Oswald did NOT go to Mexico City.  To my ears, it sounds like Newman really wants to say it- that Oswald didn't go there- but he knows it would marginalize him if he did, so he doesn't. Instead, he says it in a roundabout way by saying it doesn't matter. I wonder if he's winking when he says it. 

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