Friday, April 1, 2016

That letter, supposedly sent by Oswald, makes no sense. He would have had to be quite deranged to write it and send it, but then again, that was the whole idea.

A coherent, organized, and rational letter from Oswald to the Russian Embassy would have looked like this:

"Hello. My name is Lee Harvey Oswald. I am an American who lived in the Soviet Union, starting in 1959. There, I met a Soviet woman, Marina Nikolayevna, and we married and had a daughter, June. But, we returned to the US in June 1962, all three of us."

"But now, we very much want to return to the Soviet Union to live. Things haven't worked out for us here in the US. I have not been able to find a steady job. In Minsk, where we were living, I worked at the radio and television factory there. If you check with the management there, I'm sure they will tell you that I was a good worker who got along well with others. I held that job for almost three years, and I'm sure I could do it again. Or, I'm sure I could do some other job and contribute to the Soviet economy."

"I recently went to the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico to apply for a visa. The reason I did that is because I also wanted to apply for a Cuban visa because I thought that might facilitate my getting a Soviet visa. But, I did not succeed at getting either visa, which is why I am writing to you now." 

"So, please consider granting Soviet visas to me and my family.  And, by the way, we have a second daughter now, Audrey Rachel, who was born last month on October 20. Another thing I should tell you is that I have been harassed by the FBI here for having lived in the Soviet Union and for having been active in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee when I was living in New Orleans. An FBI Agent, James Hosty, without telling me, went to visit my wife in Irving, Texas, and he urged her to renounce her Soviet citizenship and formally defect to the US. I was working in Dallas at the time, and I was very upset when I found out that he did that."

"I really would like to return to the Soviet Union, and so would my wife, who misses her family and friends there. And we are sure that our daughters will be happier and safer living there as well. So, please help us, and please make it happen as soon as possible. We await your guidance, and we thank you very much."

Another thing is that, surely, this was a letter that Oswald would have written in Russian, considering that he had the ability to do so. What better way to show the Russians that he was fit to live in their country than to demonstrate that he could speak and write their language? Of course, he could not have typed a letter in Russian on an American typewriter. So, he would have had to handwrite it, and that's what he would have done.

The letter purported to be his makes no sense. It is fractious, incoherent, and babbling. And considering that it was, in effect, a request to be granted permanent residency in the Soviet Union, if not full citizenship, you'd think he'd be sure to spell the name of the country correctly. 

Joseph Backes claims that Ruth Paine typed the letter for Oswald, working from a handwritten draft. But, that is NOT stated on the links that he provided. So, I don't know where he got that idea from. Furthermore, if it's true, then it means that the gross spelling errors, such as "Of cores" for "Of course," are HERS, not his. 

Wouldn't Oswald review a letter that he wrote which she typed for him?  Supposedly, he signed it. This is supposed to be his signature.

So, Ruth Paine found it necessary to number a one-page letter? She had to put 1. at the bottom of a one-page letter? I have never seen that before in my 65 years. Or, are we supposed to believe that the handwritten draft included that, so she put it in? It didn't occur to her to tell him, "you don't need the 1." And the result was that he signed his name right over the typing? When have you ever seen anybody do that? Again, in 65 years, I have never seen it. 

So, Oswald signed and mailed this very important letter that Ruth Paine supposedly typed for him, errors and all, without even proofreading it? without even inspecting it? Without even examining how it came out?

Look: the whole thing is crap. Oswald did NOT go to Mexico City. He did not write the Russian Embassy. He certainly didn't write that letter. The whole thing is crap. It's theater. It is JFK assassination theater. 


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