Friday, April 1, 2016

Another thing the Idiot Backes got wrong was the purpose of the phony letter. It wasn't to link Oswald to the Russians. The conspirators really didn't want to link Oswald to the Russians because, in the end, they went with lone assassin story, with the operative word being "lone." The Russians had NOTHING to do with it, according to the official story. And in fact, they had nothing to do with it. 

The subject of the letter is Oswald's desire to obtain a visa to return to Russia. What does that have to do with the JFK assassination? It has nothing to do with it. How does Oswald applying for a Russian visa link the Russians to the JFK assassination?

"The purpose of the letter is an attempt to link Oswald with Russians, to make people think JFK was killed as part of a Communist plot."

Again: how does Oswald applying for a Russian visa make people think JFK was killed because of a Communist plot?

It just makes people think Joseph Backes is an idiot, which he is. 

But, the purpose of the phony letter was to authenticate Oswald's trip to Mexico City.  It was to have him saying, admitting that he went there. 

But again: the letter is phony. So, if the letter is phony, then surely the trip was phony. What are the chances that they made a phony letter about a real trip? Aren't the odds much greater that if they were in a faking mode about the letter that it was a sequel to what they had already faked about the trip? 

You should realize that LYING was and is the glue holding the official story of the JFK assassination together. It's mostly all lies. And the trip to Mexico City is most definitely a lie. The phony letter was an attempt to salvage it, to give substance to the lie. Too bad there is no substance to Backes' brain except for horse shit.  

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