Thursday, April 14, 2016

That man with Oswald wasn't just holding fliers; he was passing them out. If you watch the video, you can see him doing it. 

So, he was with Oswald, and he was engaged in an activity with Oswald; he was doing what Oswald was doing.

It's not as though there are a lot of videos of people doing stuff with Oswald.  

So, how is it that they never found out who he was? The CIA admitted to tracking and following Oswald in New Orleans, and according to John Newman, the leafletting stunt was a CIA operation all the way. So, how could they possibly not know who that guy was who was doing it with Oswald? Don't you think it's likely that they know who he is, but they don't want to tell us?

The image on the right above is Rafael Cruz in Calgary, Canada, circa 1973. The image on the right below was taken prior to that. It looks like it may have been his wedding photo to Ted's mother. 

 If that is not Cruz on the left, then who is he? 

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