Friday, April 1, 2016

The Idiot Backes agrees that Oswald's supposed letter to the Russian Embassy is a forgery. But, he doesn't think it's particularly important that Oswald wrote of being there at the meeting when Hosty visited Marina at Ruth Paine's house in Irving. The fact that the person who wrote the letter (as Oswald) referred to the meeting taking place in Dallas with him (Oswald) present is insignificant to Backes, even though it would have been a bold-faced lie for Oswald to write that. 

Then, Backes faulted me for questioning the authenticity of the writing errors, presumably because I make a lot of writing errors. That's what Backes said about me. Are you catching the irony of that? If not, then let's look at the very blog in which he wrote it.

"This letter is written long after the events in Mexico City in late Sept, early Oct, of 1963."

He should have said the letter WAS written because it isn't being written now. He needed the past tense there.

"the voice of the letter, which we're supposed to believe is Oswald says,"

The voice wasn't Oswald. The voice was, supposedly, Oswald's. It's called the possessive.

Then, the moron mistook the word "restrictions" which follows from the logic of the sentence, for "retractions." 

"I was unable to remain in Mexico indefinitely because of my Mexican visa retractions which was for 15 days only.  I could not take a chance on requesting a new visa unless I used my real name, so I returned to the United States."


Then, he said that Oswald usually "hand wrote" his letters. "Handwriting" and "handwritten" are each one word, and therefore, "handwrote" has to be too. At the very least, you would hyphenate it. It's one concept.    

So, after all that, and more, including an abysmal use of commas, often omitting them when needed and other times using them when not needed, Backes had the nerve to write this:

"And Disinformation Dorothy likes to pretend she has total mastery of the English language.  She's always on the look out for typos, misspellings, etc., which is hysterical if you look at Dorothy's posts."

The idiot doesn't even know that the word "lookout" is one word.

And he's criticizing MY writing????????? Unbemudderpluckinglievable. 

But, I sent the link to my blogpost about the letter to John Armstrong, and this was his response:


Good analysis. I have always thought the letter was fake, and your explanation of details supports my thoughts.


Now watch. Backes will probably go back to denying that I even know John Armstrong, the author of Harvey and Lee

Oh, I know him, Backes. He invited me to visit him at his home. And, we talk about a lot of things, including the subject of YOU. But, I'm not going to report what he said. 

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