Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This is big, big, big, big, big!

It is so big that several people sent me the link to it. It's an article on the Democratic Underground by David Zephyr about Senator Ted Cruz, who, as you know, is running for President.

But, his father was Rafael Cruz. THE Rafael Cruz. In fact, Ted Cruz' real first name is Rafael- as is mine.  At the lead-up to the JFK assassination, Rafael Cruz was an anti-Castro/pro-Batista/CIA-connected Cuban exile of the most zealous kind. Here he is in a photo with Lee Harvey Oswald at the Trade Mart in New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Zephyr claims that that is Rafael Cruz. He also claims to know that Rafael Cruz was in Dallas on November 22, 1963. 

Before I go any further, I want to point something out of crucial importance: Cruz was anti-Castro, not pro-Castro. Vehemently anti-Castro. But, look at his hands in the photo. He's holding leaflets, and his look just like Oswald's. They must have been the same. It proves that the whole thing was a ruse. It was a CIA stunt. Apparently, Oswald was manipulated by the CIA to do this. We know damn well that Rafael Cruz was no Castro supporter. Yet, there he was- with Oswald, handing out pro-Castro leaflets.  

Here is the whole article by David Zephyr about Ted Cruz, his father Rafael, and his connection to the Bush crime family, the JFK assassination, and more. It doesn't get any bigger than this. This is like a bat out of hell, and I certainly didn't see it coming. 

Here is the link to David Zephyr's article on Democratic Underground:

Here is the longer article about it by Wayne Madsen:

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