Thursday, April 7, 2016

What is so ridiculous about this image is that so much light was reaching the man's eyes that he found it necessary to visor his eyes with his hands. And if light was streaming into his eyes, then it was streaming into the lower part of his face as well. Yet, in the photo, his entire face is black. It's not in shadow. It's not in the shade. It is black as in the complete absence of light. It's black the way a black hole is black. 

So, before he placed his hands atop his head, his face must have been in bright sunlight. But, once his hands are there, it gets blackened out? Completely? I suppose if he dropped his hands, his face would pop back into visibility.

Look, people: they blackened out his face. And the reason they blackened out his face is because he's Lovelady, and they didn't want him to be Lovelady. They were going to claim that Doorman was Lovelady, and you can't have two Billy Loveladys in the same photo.

So, they blackened it out, and they figured nobody would notice or care. But, anyone with any knowledge at all of the physics of light would know instantly that this is a phony image. And, there isn't another one like it in the entire world. And, nobody could duplicate it either- not in that doorway and not anywhere else. Here's what happened when I tried it:

You see; no black hole. I paid that guy ten bucks to stand like that. It was the most value for ten bucks I ever got in my life. It was the most value for ten bucks that anybody ever got. For ten bucks, I proved, photographically, that the image of Black Hole Man in the Altgens photo can't be real. Therefore, it must have been Oswald in the doorway, and he didn't shoot JFK.  

Take your pick: reality (right) or illusion (left). Truth (right) or lies (left). And, you could say, literally, light (right) or darkness (left). On the left, it isn't real, and it is a microcosm for the lies, lies, lies that pervade so much of our lives. 

What to do now? I suggest listening to the wonderful Nancy LaMott singing that great Johnny Mercer tune Talk to Me and Tell me Lies. This is some great soft jazz.

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