Sunday, August 28, 2016

Below is the blogpost in which I posted all the Zapruder frames in which Jackie moves away from JFK, separating herself from him out of being startled by what happened and reacting to his head snap. Then, she goes back to him and is caressing him closely. But, what I realize now is that you can actually use the vertical scroll bar on the right and drag it down fast and, in effect, watch it like a movie.

So, there is no doubt that she does this; you can see it with your own eyes. 

Of course, Backes continues to deny it, but he denies a lot of things. He denies that I know John Armstrong. He thinks I fabricate emails from John and publish them here. He denies that I used Tri-X film in Dealey Plaza at the Altgens reenactment in 2012. It wasn't even my film. The photographer got it. Two rolls of it.  I even showed the film where it says it on the film. And, I didn't even notice it myself. I called the photo lab in Austin that developed it- Holland Photo Imaging:

And they told me that if some asshole is disputing that you used Tri-X film, just take a picture of it because it's written on every frame. I know this is hard to read, but what it says is:

TX is for TriX, and 400 is the speed. It comes in different speeds.

But, Backes has seen this before, yet, he still refuses to admit that I used Tri-X film. Why? It's because he is a childish buffoon. 

The Moorman photo wasn't taken by Mary Moorman, and it wasn't taken at Zapruder 315. And, it's hardly surprising because they got it wrong for the other films as well. There is no capture of the Moorman photo in the Nix film, so ANYTHING you claim for that film is automatically wrong. And in Muchmore they got it wrong, picking a frame in which the motorcycles are too far advanced against the limo. Look, the motorcycle cops are past the wheel of the limo.

Look how far they are. They are well past it. In Moorman, they are behind it, and we can see the wheel.

Again: forward:

Now, back:



Get it? Of course, the "back" came first due to the direction they were going. The proper frame matching Moorman in Muchmore is 38.

You see that the Kennedys are a perfect match to Moorman, and so are the motorcycle cops. 

Although they tried to take out BJ Martin, he was there, and this is how he was configured:

God, did they ever do a hell of a lot to that photo. 

But, as for Zapruder, these images just don't match. 

I'll explain something that shouldn't need explaining, but I'll do it anyway. On the left, as we look at the picture, we are content to conclude that Jackie is stable, that she is not moving, that she is attending to JFK, focusing on him. She is leaning, but she still looks stable. She doesn't look like she is going anywhere. She doesn't look like she is falling. She does not look like she is in a turbulent state. But, on the right, she looks very much like she is in a turbulent state. She does not look stable. On the left, she looks like she could remain in that position indefinitely, for as long as she wanted. But, on the right, we know, instinctively, that she is on the move, that she is NOT going to remain in that position, that it's about to change because she is moving, and she is definitely and absolutely in a state of flux. She is leaning way too much to be able to maintain that position. And, we know for a fact that she does not maintain it. And look how far her elbow is from the seatback. 

On the left, her elbow is much closer. But, on the right, she is on her way. She is on the move. Remember, JFK has already been shot. That happened two frames ago. And, the reaction is instantaneous- like lifting your finger off a hot stove. You do it without thinking. She was jolted. She was stunned. And we're seeing her reaction to it, vividly. 

And remember this analysis doesn't stand alone. I already determined from Muchmore that the matching frame to Moorman occurs before the fatal head shot. The position of the motorcycle cops tells us.

So, this Zapruder analysis merely confirms it, that the Moorman photo was taken before the fatal head shot.

This turned out to be a very productive post, and it only exists because Joseph Backes opened his big fat mouth. And that is the only use these guys have: to provoke me to write and publish more. Everyone needs a purpose in life, and that's theirs. 

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