Saturday, August 27, 2016

I have mentioned that bpete is connected with people from the National Archives, and he is paid for his blogging.  And, it does give him resources that most people don't have, which he likes to flaunt. For instance, finding out about a medical problem of the Professor. Obviously, that took some research, some probing. Were any laws broken? Probably, but it wouldn't be the first time.

And now, he wants to challenge the Professor's work. Let's see how he did. And what I enjoy about this process is that, I get to expound further and create more content that is going to last forever on this very visible blog.  And I'd like to see them invade Google's hosting platform to alter that, as they did with the OIC website, although they only got away with it briefly. Did I mention that bpete is a crminal?   

First, he tries to explain why Mary Moorman, if she took the Moorman photo, missed centering the Kennedys by so much.

Now remember the situation. She had been standing there for hours- just to capture that picture. She was poised and ready from the moment the limo rounded the corner at the top of the hill. So, we would have to believe that even though she easily could have snapped the shutter a little before they reached her and that way captured their faces to some extent- which is the main thing you want- no, she waited until they were past her so that she could capture the backs of their heads. 

He actually had the nerve to suggest that because the Polaroid had a mechanical shutter that while she was pressing it, the limo moved, and that's why she missed centering them by so much.

That claim is SO RIDICULOUS on multiple grounds that it's amazing to me that he made it. If it were true, then it would be a built-in problem for everybody using such a camera. It would mean that there should be a sea of Polaroid images of people in motion in which the centering is off, comparably. That would be such a built-in problem (meaning, affecting everybody) that it would be written up. The Polaroid people in their instructions would warn consumers, 

"If you are shooting a moving subject, note that the time it takes to press the shutter may alter the view substantially resulting in the off-centering of your subject. So, you may have to adjust for that when shooting a moving subject." 

Is there anything like that in the Polaroid literature? Why not, when what he is describing would be a universal problem and certainly one that they would know about. But, look what they actually say:

  That's it. Nothing else. And it goes to show that the whole argument is just bull shit being spewed by vile, criminal hit man. 

And why even speak of their motion when we're not even sure there was any? And if there was, it wasn't much. Remember, when the limo got to them, Jean Hill actually had the time to speak to the President. She said:

"Mr. President... look this way... we want to take your picture."

Now, she said that to him apparently expecting that he would hear her and have the time to respond to her request. All while he was riding by? Well, it goes to show that reports of the limo stopping in the midst of the shooting are most likely true. So, we can't be sure that it was moving at all, and if it was, it had to be extremely slowly for the above conversation to take place. And that makes the issue of the time it takes to press the shutter totally null and void. 

What a fucking idiot.

But, let's move on. But, before I do, I am going to get this up just to rub this criminal's face in the dirt he spews. There's more coming. A lot more.  

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