Friday, August 26, 2016

We need to reexamine, from scratch, the question of which Zapruder frame corresponds to the Moorman photo. 

We'll start with Z-300 because that is the one most commonly used to show Mary Moorman taking her photo.

I have it cropped, of course, and the reason is that I want to see the Kennedys large and compare them to how they look in the Moorman photo. 

Jackie is too high compared to JFK in Z-300, and Jack and Jackie are too close together. So this isn't it.

But, note that you see Mary Moorman right there, directly across from the Kennedys, and that is when Mary said she took her picture. And, it shows us that if Mary took her picture when she repeatedly said she did, that she would have captured the backs of their heads. It also confirms what the Professor said, that Jackie would have blocked Mary's view of JFK to some extent. But, let's keep going. 

Here is Z-305, and Jackie's head is a bit lower, so it's better.

That isn't bad. We are definitely getting close. Let's jump ahead to the one that conventional wisdom claims is the match: Z-315.

No! Definitely not. Can you see why? 315 is too frenetic. Look at how Jackie looks to be in motion. Look at her hair, how it's sticking out. It's in motion. That would have been captured in the Moorman photo as well, but look how neat she looks. In the Moorman photo, she looks STABLE. In 315, she is on the move, and she is UNSTABLE. She is darting out of the way in a self-protective action because she is startled. So, Z-315 is definitely not the same as the Moorman photo, and the conventional wisdom is wrong. 

So, it's between 305 and 315. Let's see if we can find it. There is no reason to consider 314 because it is just as frenetic and unstable as as 315. So, here's 313:

No, that's not it. Her head is too close to JFK in 313. Remember what happened: JFK's head went slightly forward BEFORE it went back and to the left. There is a much bigger gap between them in the Moorman photo. 

What we need is separation between them and Jackie's head being as low as possible. The best that I have found is Z-309.

Yes, that's it. I like it, and I'm going with it. 308 is about the same, but I'm going with 309. I checked 310, and it isn't as good. 

So, this frame is it. This is the Z-frame that corresponds to the Moorman photo:

You can just forget about Mary. She's not even pointing her camera at the Kennedys. She's pointing it straight ahead. And, she hasn't moved a muscle since Z-300. She is just noise. They altered the Zapruder film, disassociating the foreground from the background. A great many people have said so and for much longer than I have been involved. So, don't assume that that is real. That is her image from an earlier frame.  

Obviously, this has great significance because it means that the Moorman photo was taken BEFORE the fatal had shot, and that's why JFK's head looks intact. 

It was desirable to claim that the Moorman photo was taken after the fatal head shot because it argued against the big blow-out wound in back from the "back and to the left" shot from the Grassy Knoll. And again, I'll point out that you can see above that Jackie looks very stable and very planted. She doesn't look like she's going anywhere. She doesn't look like she is reacting to that final shot; there is no frenzy and no sign of motion. 

And now that we know that the Moorman photo was taken before the fatal head shot, it confirms what we see in Muchmore. 

That is the frame that I like best as a match to Moorman.  Compare the Kennedys:

Holey Moley! That has got to be as good as it gets. And that is before the fatal head shot. If you look at the fatal head shot in the Muchmore film, the visibility of the limo wheel has been completely obscured by the motorcycles. Why? Because Greer braked, and the motorcycle cops didn't, or at least, not as much. So, they gained ground on the limo- too much ground to be the Moorman photo. 

That is way too late to be a match to Moorman. Look how far advanced the motorcycles are. They are completely obscuring the limo wheel. 

Z-309. It's when the Moorman photo was taken. 

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