Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Have you read this statement of Jackie Kennedy about what happened?

So, let's count the revelations. She said that 1) the freeway sign took a bullet (so they replaced it?) 2) that JFK was hit in the throat, which means a shot from the front 3) that JFK was hit in the right side of his head, which means a shot from the Grassy Knoll. "Just above his right eye" she said. 4) she confirmed the big blow-out wound in the back of his head, 5) she confirmed that her crawl on the back of the limo was not to get away, to escape, but rather, to retrieve a piece of JFK's skull, and 6) she claimed she heard 5 shots, and none of them were from behind where the Book Depository was. 

How can anyone disregard all that when she was there in the limo with JFK? She was sitting right next to him.

The evil that lurks in the American system, the way it operates, the way it processes information, is chilling to think about. Political correctness lords over every aspect of American life. And, political correctness deemed the JFK assassination to be the work of one man, Lee Harvey Oswald, from the beginning, and accepting it was an order. The vile way our national mind works disgusts me. 

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