Monday, August 22, 2016

Well, I must say that I really did enjoy watching the Rio Olympics. I'll confess that I did NOT root for the Americans. When Americans, as a people, start to face the truth about JFK and 9/11, I'll start rooting for American athletes in international competitions. Until then, they are going to have to do without my support.
But undeniably, American athletes did very well without my support. I don't recall ever seeing such domination at the Olympics before. It's incredible how strong and broad the whole US team was. They really kicked-ass. I guess my voodoo curses aren't as good as they're cracked up to be.
But hey, I don't expect all my brothers and sisters in the truth movement to join me in my rotten attitude. That's just me.
But, I'm glad that the host country Brazil won gold medals in both soccer and volleyball, their national sports. I think all would agree that the Rio games were superbly run, and the Brazilians were wonderful hosts. The NBC announcer Bob Costas, who has covered many Olympic Games, said that in all his experience, no hosts were ever warmer and nicer than the Brazilians.
For at least a year before the start of the Games, there was nothing but negative,fear-mongering stories in the US press about Brazil: They weren't going to be ready in time; they didn't have the money to finish; they weren't going to complete the venues; police and fire departments weren't adequate; crime and disease were rampant and would endanger the athletes... all bollocks, as the Brits would say.
The worst thing that happened crime-wise was that several American athletes lied about being victims of crime. And what an awful thing it was to do, especially after all the bad press that Brazil got from the US media. Left unchecked, it could have cost Brazil millions, perhaps billions, in tourist dollars from people who were put off and scared away.
Was there any crime at all? Maybe there was, but nothing major; and hey: I had a beloved aunt and uncle (my uncle is now deceased; my aunt is still living) who got mugged in London. That's London, England. So, crime can happen anywhere. There's quite a bit of it here, I understand.
But, I tell you, watching those exciting races and other contests day after day, I may go through withdrawal now. Life without the Olympics: it's going to be tough. But then again, it means more time for JFKing and piano.

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