Friday, August 19, 2016

You heard about Ryan Lochte and the other American swimmers being caught lying about being robbed, at gunpoint, in Brazil. It seems that nobody is disputing the fact that they lied. The last one, still in Brazil, has agreed to pay $11,000 to leave that country without further trouble.

It seems that nobody is defending them, not even here. Nobody is denying that they did a terrible and ugly thing to smear a country that was already smeared by the US media before the Olympics began.  

But, here's a writer who has taken it a step further; Jeff Owens, who writes for He says that, sure, they lied, but it's just the American way.

So what if Ryan Lochte lied? It's the American way

So, Jeff says that lying is the American way, and he gives some examples of famous American liars.

"Hillary Clinton has a long track record of lying. She’s made a career out of it. She even lies about her lies. She’s a master fabricator who excels at spinning stories to cover up her scandals and questionable judgment. It’s how she became one of the nation’s most powerful politicians. And she might just lie her way all the way to the White House. If she does, she will become the second most celebrated liar in presidential history — second only to her husband."

Wow. Methinks that Hillary, that is, Billary, must be fuming mad to be slapped for something they had nothing to do with. 

Here's what Jeff had to say about Trump:

"Donald Trump is no better. He also has told lie after lie while running for President, changing his opinion and spinning his hateful rhetoric depending on how the political winds shift. He excels at half-truths, gross exaggeration and media manipulation. That’s been his political strategy — say or tweet something outrageous, stupid and offensive, and then when he gets caught, lie about it or accuse his critics of being “so dishonest.” If he’s elected, he will have done it by pulling the wool over the eyes of most of the electorate."

Hmmm. Well, I think what Jeff wrote about the Clintons was worse, so I'd have to say Trump came out ahead on that deal.

But, wait a second. Jeff.  If you're going to talk about famous American liars, what about George W. Bush? He lied us into war. He viciously lied to invade a third world country in the most ferocious manner possible, killing upwards of a million people (according to Johns Hopkins University researchers) and spreading depleted uranium all across their land, which is going to cause birth defects and childhood cancers for eons to come. And he did it all based on lies. And lies that get people killed are the worst lies. 

And what about the big whopping lie told by the US government and US media that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy? Oswald was standing in the doorway of the Book Depository right during the shooting, and we even have a photo of him there.

Same guy, same clothes, and one would have to be, dare I say, a liar to deny it. 

"Ryan is just one of us. Just another in a long line of American liars. He learned from the best."

I hear you, Jeff. 


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