Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Idjot Backes is now saying that I claim that Lovelady didn't point to himself with his arrow. 

 Lovelady never pointed to himself.

That is NOT what I'm saying. I'm saying that he pointed to himself, but himself wasn't the Doorway Man. Himself was Black Hole Man. And so, he pointed to himself.

And if Lovelady drew his arrow to Doorman, then there would be two arrows pointing to Doorman, since we know that Buell Frazier definitely drew his arrow to Doorman. But, as you can see, there is only one arrow pointing to Doorman. So where is Lovelady's arrow? There is only one other mark on the photo, so that must be it. I call it the tail of Lovelady's arrow, where most of it was drawn in the black space of the enclosure of Black Hole Man's arms. We just got lucky that the tail of it overlapped the flesh-colored forearm.  

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