Thursday, August 25, 2016

What a joke.  Anyone with any commonsense can tell it's not Oswald.  The
police determined that early on.  At one time they had both in the same
room at the police station.  TSBD employees confirm it was Billy Lovelady
on the steps and no LHO to be seen.  Carolyn Arnold said LHO was in the
lunchroom upstairs and one CT is adamant he stayed there the whole time
shooting was taking place with his rifle on the 6th floor.  The guy who
drove LHO to work that morning was standing on the steps and saw Lovelady
but not LHO.  Anyone gullible enough to be suckered by this scam should be
embarrassed for not doing their homework. 

Ralph Cinque:

No, Twister. That's your new name, Claviger, because that is what you are doing: twisting. EVERYTHING you said is wrong. Anyone with common sense recognizes that it's Oswald because it's the same man AND THE SAME CLOTHES. For you to be right, it would mean that Oswald and Lovelady not only had to look exactly alike but dress exactly alike as well. And the police didn't determine anything about this. They stayed out of it. They weren't involved. It was an FBI matter, and they are not the police. And what the FBI did was storm the home of Billy Lovelady on 11/23/63 but not the cell of Lee Harvey Oswald, though he was alive and well. Why did they want to speak to Lovelady about it and show the photo to him but not to Oswald? I said: Why did they want to speak to Lovelady about it and show the photo to him but not to Oswald? Have you got an innocent answer for that? And yes, they got several employees to say that Doorman was Lovelady, but all of them were pre-screened for the Warren Commission by the FBI, and they wren't going to allow anyone who said otherwise to testify. So, it means nothing that no witness espousing Oswald in the doorway was included because that was by fiat, by order. And Carolyn Arnold, when first asked, spontaneously said that she saw Oswald between the double doors looking out, which means, at the doorway shortly before the shooting. There isn't a snowball's chance in Hell that Oswald was in the upstairs lunch room shortly before the shooting, and you know it. Oswald, himself, said that he ate in the 1st floor lunch room, and it was much earlier than 12:30. So what, did he eat two lunches that day? Is that what we're supposed to believe? And the guy who drove Oswald to work that morning was and is a liar. He also said that Oswald went into the building with a large, awkward, oblong package WHICH NOBODY ELSE SAW including a guy who saw Oswald as soon as he went through the door (Jack Dougherty). 

Claviger, you struck out. You never even made contact with the ball. And if you think you can stop the march to JFK truth with your false and pathetic arguments, then you need to get used to disappointment. There is a shitload of it heading your way. 

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