Monday, August 22, 2016

Mario Padilla, when just 16, stabbed his mother to death. He stabbed her 45 times with several different knives and a screwdriver. Many of the stabs were to her neck. A 14 year year old cousin of his assisted him by holding his aunt's legs. 

It's amazing that she was actually still alive after they left, and she had the wherewithal to call 911. And they got to her before she expired, and they rushed her to the hospital. But, she died in the hospital an hour and a half later. She was 37. 

Mario said he did it because he was obsessed with the Scream movie, and he wanted to kill like they did in the movie. Fortunately, the judge would not allow reference to the Scream movie at trial, and Mario was convicted and given the harshest sentence possible: life in prison without the possibility of parole.

But, he's an example of someone who really did kill because he wanted the fame of having done it. When he was arrested by police in Los Angeles, he asked them if the story made the news, if it was on television. He NEVER tried to deny it. 

But, compare that to Oswald who adamantly denied that he had shot anyone. He even used the word "adamantly" as in "I adamantly deny these charges!" What part of that do people not understand? So, how can anyone claim that Oswald killed Kennedy because he wanted to be famous; that he wanted to be remembered for something? 

And that is the most common and longstanding motive that has been assigned to Oswald. But, some Oswald accusers have come to realize how ridiculous it is, and so they have tried to change it. They also realize that there is no evidence that Oswald had anything against Kennedy. They also realize how hopeless it is to claim that Oswald killed Kennedy to alter US policy towards Cuba. So, what does that leave? 

Vincent Bugliosi came up with the idea that Oswald did it because he "hated America" but what is that based on? What evidence is there that Oswald hated America? And what is meant by America? Is it the people who live in the United States, American citizens? Or, does it refer to the U.S. government? But, what evidence is there that Oswald hated the U.S. government? He served in the U.S. Military. He sought to come back to the United States after he was living in Russia. He took a loan out from the US government in order to travel, and he paid the loan back in full. That's more than you can say for a lot of people who take out student loans from the government. And, if you listen to Oswald, for instance his appearance on New Orleans radio discussing US foreign policy towards Cuba, he never says anything that can be described as hateful towards America. There simply is no evidence that he hated America.

Take this as a comparison. There is a guy who, like Oswald, is a former US Marine: Kevin O'Keefe.  And he's become an activist, a very loud activist. He's an activist for 9/11 truth. He's an activist against U.S. wars, particularly the Iraq War, and also Israeli wars. He's an activist for Palestinians. So, you get the idea. 

I've listened to Kevin O'Keefe espousing his views on the radio and television, as they are available on Youtube, and I've listened to Lee Harvey Oswald espousing his views on the radio, which is also available on Youtube. And I can tell you, unequivocally, that Kevin O'Keefe comes across as a guy who hates America, while Lee Harvey Oswald does not come across that way at all.  

See if you agree. Here is Kevin O'Keefe, where you hear him say, "George W. Bush and Tony Blair should be in prison for the rest of their lives, if not executed." And that was his kinder/gentler side.

Now, here is Lee Harvey Oswald, very politely and respectfully discussing his views on Cuba on the radio. All he says is that he is in favor of restoring diplomatic, trade, and tourist ties with Cuba. And he is very respectful and non-belligerent at all times. Where is there any hate in this?

The point is that you could easily claim that Kevin O'Keefe hates America, but Oswald doesn't come close to hating America- or anybody else, for that matter. He doesn't come across as having an ounce of hate in his bones. 

And keep in mind that I have the greatest respect for Kevin O'Keefe, and if he wanted to become a senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign, he would be most welcome. And it's not because he hates America. It's because he tried to do something. He's the one who went to Iraq and organized and led the Human Shield, which tried to prevent the evil George W. Bush from starting his insane war. It failed, and the war happened, with catastrophic results, as you know, but at least Kevin tried. He did something. And he's done a lot more than that.

But, the point is that there are different kinds of people in the world, and Kevin O'Keefe is a very different kind of person than Lee Harvey Oswald in his temperament, his combativeness, etc. 

And frankly, I'm more like Kevin O'Keefe; I admit it.  But, there is not a speck of evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald- the LHO of fame- hated America, hated anybody else, or even had the capacity to hate. It is all made up. It is all a big lie.  

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