Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jason Young 
Ralph! great job on the piano playing and song. And hats off to anyone who takes the time to seek the truth. I feel the only justice JFK will ever have will be people like you and I researching the discrepancies of the Warren commission report . I do want to point out though that lovelady in the lineup has a notch in his hairline and so does doorman. The picture is way screwed up like you said. Question and I will admit I breezed through you documentary because I am going through alot of research myself. Are you saying they superimposed the face of lovelady on Oswald's body or that the face of doorman is infact Oswald's face. If you think its Oswald's face I have to disagree. His far head has lovelady written all over it. Lovelady's face was longer too although they look similar. How about that mauser that turned into a carcano? They didnt guess it was a mauser, they knew it was by the stamp on the barrel. Only later on they said they thought it was and it was a bad guess lol I agree Oswald was set up but not sure if he was a player somewhere in the mix and kept in the dark about taking the fall.
Ralph Cinque 
Thank you for your complements, Jason. Regarding the hairlines, Doorman's is a spot-on match to an earlier image of Lovelady from the 1950s. They moved over the top of Young Lovelady's face to turn Oswald into Lovelady. So yes, they moved over Lovelady's face but only partially. It's similar to what they did with the Backyard photos, where they moved over Oswald's face, except that they grabbed a smaller piece. Most of Doorman's facial features are a match to Oswald, including eyes, nose, ear, mouth and chin. So, he is definitely Oswald. But, he has Young Lovelady's hairline, and the whole shape of the top of the head is that of Young Lovelady.

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