Thursday, August 18, 2016

"On December 12, 1995, Ike and Clara Altgens were found dead in separate rooms in their home in Dallas. A Houston Chronicle article quoted a nephew, Dallas attorney Ron Grant, as saying his Aunt Clara "had been very ill for some time with heart trouble and many other problems. Both of them had had the flu for some time." In addition, the Dallas Morning News said police were looking into the possibility that carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty furnace played a role in their deaths.

So, you had this old woman with heart trouble and "many" other medical problems, and then with the flu heaped on top of it, and yet, she wasn't hospitalized. The only one taking care of her was her old husband who also had the flu? What exactly was attorney Ron Grant trying to say? It sounds like he was saying that she was in desperate condition even without the carbon monoxide, which again raises the question: why wasn't she hospitalized? And this attempt to merge natural causes with a touch of carbon monoxide has always left me raw. We are talking about two people in their 70s- 73 and 76- dying at the same time. If a much older couple die within a month of each other it's considered remarkable.  

James Altgens and his wife were found dead on December 12, 1995. This article was published in the New York Times on December 17, which was 5 days later. 5 DAYS! It says that police were looking into the possibility that they were killed by carbon monoxide. Don't you think that would be known within 5 days? A person dead from carbon monoxide turns cherry red. So, were they cherry red when found or weren't they? It would have been noticed immediately. Then, a simple blood test for carboxyhemoglobin would confirm whether it was CO. So, 5 days was more than enough time to be certain. It stinks. I smell a rat.  

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