Friday, August 26, 2016

I spent at least 6 hours today doing a painstaking analysis of the Zapruder film and the Moorman photo, to see which Zapruder frame really corresponds to Moorman. And the result was that, contrary to common belief, the Moorman photo was taken BEFORE the fatal head shot. To be exact: the Moorman photo corresponds to Z-309, which is 4 frames before the fatal head shot. 

And it's easy enough to see at first glance that it had to be before 
Z-313 because once the fatal head shot hit, both JFK and Jackie were in motion. His head went rearing back and to the left, and her head went the other way, forward, no doubt to get out of the way. By reflex alone she would have done that. You do it automatically- without thinking. 

And after the fatal head shot, in Zapruder frames 314, 315, and 316, we see the motion blur from all the movement. Those frames have a wild, frenetic look. But, in the Moorman photo, both JFK and Jackie look photographically stable. They have zero motion blur. They show no frenzy. Therefore, it couldn't possibly be after the fatal head shot. The fatal head shot hadn't happened yet.

In a word, it gets very wild and frenetic after the fatal head shot, but, they are NOT in the midst of that frenzy in the Moorman photo; therefore, it didn't happen yet. 

So, it was a very misguided and unwarranted idea to claim that the Moorman photo was taken after the fatal head shot. The reason we don't see the damage from the fatal head shot on Kennedy is because it didn't happen yet. 

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