Thursday, August 25, 2016

The idea that the Moorman photo was taken after the fatal head shot needs to be reexamined. But, according to Unger, this is the fatal head shot in the Muchmore film. So, theoretically, that would be extremely close to when Mary took her picture. But, Mary never could have captured the Moorman photo shooting then or near to then.

What did I say about the perspective of the Moorman photo? I said that because Hargis looms very large in the picture compared to the Kennedys, that the distance to the Kennedys must have been additive. So, Hargis was much closer to the taker of the Moorman photo than she was to the Kennedys. We know that beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt because of the relative sizes.

But, look at that Muchmore frame with the distances to Mary marked off:

Why would Hargis loom larger than the Kennedys in a picture that Mary took then? Hargis seems to be as far or farther away from her than the Kennedys are. By virtue of the length of the lines, Hargis is farther away from her than the Kennedys are. So, why would he appear larger in her picture than the Kennedys if she took it then? 

Mary Moorman didn't take that picture. She didn't take it then, and she didn't take it at any other time either. It's not her photo. 

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