Thursday, August 18, 2016

Carmen Datchuk Did Altgens, the photographer, ever tell anybody that his picture was altered?
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Ralph Cinque No, he didn't. But, you have to understand that James Altgens was a company man. He tried hard to support his employer the AP, the US government, and the whole damn thing. If you read his long, verbose and rather nervous responses to questions about all this, you realize that he was trying hard; too hard. And I personally think it's possible and even likely that he was murdered in 1995. The AARB was going on in reaction to the furor over the movie JFK, and he couldn't be trusted. He was getting older; getting senile; and he was a bit too chatty. He lived in a posh neighborhood in Dallas (he was rich) and yet, he just happened to develop a faulty heating furnace which leaked carbon monoxide and killed him and his wife. I don't buy it.

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