Thursday, August 25, 2016

David Von Pein 


Did Lee Harvey Oswald hate America? There isn't a speck of evidence that
he did.


Yeah, right, Ralph. Lee just loved America (and Americans). That's why he
wrote this to his brother, Robert, on November 26, 1959, from Russia:

"In the event of war I would kill ANY American who put a uniform on in
defence of the American government--any American." -- Lee Harvey Oswald 

Ralph Cinque:

David, there is noproof that Oswald wrote that letter. He certainly didn't acknowledge writing it. Therefore, I don't accept it; and therefore, you can't use it. And I certainly don't trust a thing that Robert Oswald said, and I mean not a word out of his mouth. 

Robert Oswald visited LHO in jail. Now, you would think that at a time like that, that he would try to be helpful. In this case, that meant getting him a lawyer. The claim that Oswald turned down such help I do not accept either, but Robert Oswald didn't even offer it. And let's just say theoretically that Robert offered to get him a lawyer, and Oswald said no, that he was waiting on Abt, What would a REAL brother have done? A real brother would have smacked him upside the head, if necessary, and told him, 

"Shut your face, little brother. You're talking stupid. You need a lawyer; and you need him right now. And, I mean a Texas lawyer; not some lawyer in New York that you don't even know. So, don't say it again, and don't even think again. Just drop it. I am getting you a Texas lawyer, and you are going to keep your trap shut until he gets here. Now, you got that, little brother?" 

You see, that's what a real big brother would have done, But of course, Robert Oswald didn't do it. 

So, David, that phony letter? You can go ahead and use it as toilet paper. It won't be any loss.   

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