Monday, August 29, 2016

Spewed Backshit: 

"He wants to see movement in a still photograph."

"And he still thinks you can capture and see MOTION in a STILL PHOTOGRAPH."

And don't bother deleting them, Backes, because I did a screen save. That's what you wrote. Repeatedly. And then when I showed you photographs of people who were obviously in motion, that's when you start spewing about the whole motion, the complete motion, etc. It's pure revisionism. 

What a lying mudderpluck you are. Whole and complete were NEVER the issue. The issue was whether one could tell in a photograph whether someone was moving, and you denied it. 

And now, you're trying to lie your way out of it. You are so unscrupulous, duplicitous, and diabolical, you reveal your gross dishonesty, which goes along with your gross stupidity. Really, you are just plain gross.  

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