Saturday, August 27, 2016

That the Moorman photo was taken prior to the fatal head shot now seems very clear. My analysis of yesterday has been very well received, and so far, no one has disputed it. I say it can't be wrong because JFK and Jackie are too stable in the Moorman photo for the fatal head shot to have occurred. They are not in a frenzy.

We'll see if any of my enemies want to fight about this, but I suspect that many will just pass. What I get from looking at the above collage is that in the Moorman photo, Jackie is focused on JFK. She is attending to him; she is geared towards him. But, in Zapruder 315, she is essentially ducking. She is getting out of the way. Look at her posture. Look how much she is leaning towards the front of the car. Why would she be doing that? It's because he is veering towards her. I'm telling you: she's ducking. 

But, in the Moorman photo, she is just looking at him.

But now, let's consider the significance of it. It means that we don't have to consider whether they did something photographically to hide the big blow-out wound in the back of JFK's head because it didn't happen yet. So, they're off the hook on that one. 

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