Monday, August 29, 2016

I tell you, this clip of "Lovelady" is really freaky. He is immaterial. He's like a ghost. He turns his face, and it goes right through the head of the woman in curlers.

And, it's weird that both the woman in curlers and the woman in the white scarf are so stiff and stationary throughout the clip. It continues for 7 seconds, and that's a long time to be so still, especially in such a situation. What the Hell were they looking at? What the Hell were they waiting for? What the Hell were they doing there?

This clip is FAKE. It is is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE! It didn't even surface until 1966, three years after the assassination. For three years, nobody noticed Lovelady in that film amidst all the swirl of controversy about who was the Man in the Doorway? And, the clip was said to be from the Martin film, except that you don't see it in the Martin film. Not in any version of the Martin film does it appear.

I had contact with the Sixth Floor Museum proprietor Gary Mack about this, and he told me that he knows of no version of the Jack Martin film that actually contains this clip. Therefore, why should we believe that it came from there? Just because they tell us that? It isn't even qualitatively the same as the Martin film. I can tell you that the above clip is the clearest, sharpest, most vibrant clip of any from the whole JFK assassination. In contrast, the Martin film is about the worst, qualitatively.

I'll tell you what happened: JFK Authors Mark Lane and Harold Weisberg were both making a racket about Oswald in the doorway in their respective books, both of which came out in 1966. And, it was shortly after that and in response to it that this clip suddenly appeared. No one had noticed it before. No one had mentioned it before. Apparently, no one had seen it before. The guy in it playing Lovelady doesn't even look like Lovelady. He has vastly different features. 

Compare the shape of the head, the ears, the nose, and the neck. They are vastly different. No way are they both the same man.

And what is the story of this frame? Who is the old guy in the Fedora hat and what he is doing there? What is he waiting for? Who is the old woman in the scarf on the right side? What's her story? 

That is supposed to be Bonnie Ray Williams in the brown shirt on the left, except that it was 15 minutes after the shooting, and Williams was still being detained inside the building at the time. "They wouldn't let anyone out" Williams said. And the white guy front and center is supposed to be Danny Arce, except here is Danny's actual coloring. He's hispanic, not white. 

Obviously, it's not the real Danny Arce in the clip either. It is just a phony thing from start to finish. And what makes it worse is that Lovelady wasn't even there at the time. He left the front of the building right away with Bill Shelley. They walked to the railway area with a throng of others. And then they reentered the building through the back door, never returning to the front. By 12:45, Billy Lovelady was inside the building guarding the freight elevator, as per Roy Truly's order. He was not outside milling around in front. 

This Lovelady clip is an unspeakable fraud. It is truly an outrage. And it was all done to hide the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shooting of President Kennedy.

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