Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's interesting that as we watch the Muchmore film, there is absolutely no doubt that the motorcycle wheel we see, that jumps out at us, is Martin's. 

That's Martin's wheel, and there is no doubt about that. But, even though it is positioned the same as the wheel we see in the Moorman photo, they want to say that that wheel is Hargis'. Bull.

It's still Martin's wheel.

This was my choice for the Muchmore frame with the closest correspondence to the Moorman photo, and that's because of the relative position of the visible motorcycle wheel. 

That image was taken by Marie Muchmore who was between Moorman and Babushka in her angle, but closer to Babushka. So, Babushka, who took the Moorman photo, would have had slightly more parallax, meaning to the effect of thrusting Martin's front wheel into the picture; it would have thrust it just a little more, which is what we see.  

Here is the comparison of the figures in the limo.

Holey Moley! That hits the sweet spot. Bingo. 

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