Saturday, August 27, 2016

I posted 4 blogs slapping down bpete, and so far, all he's done is respond to the last thing I addressed: his tilting of the photo. And his response to that was to tilt the whole Polaroid.

Look, you moron, the photograph is a physical object that you hold in your hand. And when you do, you hold it squarely. You don't tilt it.

So, that is the result. That's what got captured. And tilting it accomplishes nothing but the demonstration of stupidity. 

And with all those frames we have of Mary Moorman holding her camera perfectly level, he has the nerve to claim to know that she wasn't.

Mary Moorman is holding the camera level from her first appearance to her disappearance in the Zapruder film. And presumably, one of those frames has got to be her taking the picture. 

How much more level can one get? 

Criminal and stupid.  Oh, you'll go far. 

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