Saturday, August 27, 2016

Now we are going to look at bpete's critique of the Professor's work. 

First, there is the issue of the line of the limo as compared to the bottom of the photo, where the former is diagonal, while the latter is (obviously and always) horizontal. 

First, bpete made a false statement. Well, he makes a lot of false statements, but I mean in particular that he claimed that I was comparing the Moorman photo to what is seen in the Zapruder film where the line of the limo is horizontal. But, I wouldn't go by what a film shows because a movie camera is different. One doesn't always hold a movie camera squarely, but a still camera is usually held squarely and especially by amateurs. I was comparing this to other photos of cars going down Elm Street.

And regarding Mary Moorman's position and where she's facing, I have repeatedly warned that you can't go by what you see in the Zapruder film. That's because from Z-300 onward, until she disappears, Mary is frozen in the Zapruder film.

Now, that's the exact same thing for 7 frames, but it goes back much further. It goes back to 300. 

It's the exact same everything for Mary. But, why is Jean Hill turned the wrong way and looking the wrong way? Lost interest in the Kennedys, did she? Eyeing one of the motorcycle cops, was she? Look, they messed with the Zapruder film so badly that you can hardly trust anything in it. But, the point is that Mary Moorman is aiming her camera straight in front of herself there, and she's still doing it 9 frames later when the Kennedys have passed her.

And that is just plain ridiculous. And where have we seen it before that someone who was taking a picture of some people points her camera elsewhere? Never! Show me another picture like this from anywhere in the vast realm of photography.  

Now, the hit man claims that I claim that Mary Moorman was standing perpendicular when she took her picture. But, it's not just me. It's Mary Moorman. She has always and repeatedly depicted it that way, as recently as 2013.

If you listen to her on the TODAY show, she even says that she shot right when they reached her. And she has always squarely faced Elm Street in demonstrating it. 

And let's be crystal clear: there are no images of Mary Moorman being turned leftward, towards the west, in any film. None. You can argue that the Zapruder film shows her turned slightly to her right, to the east, early-on, but that doesn't apply at all. There is no chance that that is when the Moorman photo was taken. If it was, we'd see their faces instead of the back of their heads. So, what is needed is a picture of Mary Moorman turned leftward, westward, and it doesn't exist. 

Next, we'll look at the Professor's diagrams, but first, I am going to get this up. I believe in the blitz. It's my favorite war strategy. 

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