Saturday, August 27, 2016

I figured that Backes would be the one because there really is no idiot quite as idiotic as that idiot.

In this collage, the woman on the right is obviously in motion. Look at her hair. And the same is true of Jackie in Z-315.

And look at Jackie large:

She is obviously leaning away from him, towards the front of the car. Look at how far her elbow is from the seatback, because of the lean. Look at the plane of her shoulders, again, from the lean. 

And, it goes on. look at her in 316.

Is anyone going to deny that she is evading him there, getting out of the way?

How about below? Is she or is she not dodging him? 

Does anyone want to deny that they are both in motion below?

He is a moving object, and she is getting out of his way, and it's instinctual, a reflex, like lifting your hand off a hot stove. You do it before you even have time to think about it. 

Let's look at some more:

Now, she's going to start coming back.

By 329, she is back snug with him, and she is caressing him.

The pictures tell a story, and the story is that she was STARTLED and she REACTED. And the reaction was to dodge momentarily. But then, she came back, and we can see it with our own eyes, plain as day. The response was well underway by 315, but it is not underway in the Moorman photo. Look how much farther her elbow is from the seatback in 315 than it is in Moorman. 

And that is how we know now that the Moorman photo was taken before the fatal head shot. 

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