Wednesday, August 24, 2016


On Monday, August 22, 2016 at 11:53:37 PM UTC-4, Ralph Cinque wrote:
> Hey, Corbett. They didn't cuff him.
  Ruby is in cuffs in the photo on this page.... 

Ralph Cinque:

What is wrong with you, Bud? How much education do you have? I know very well that Ruby wound up being cuffed, and they paraded him around that way. But, they moved him from the garage into the building in a very raucous way, essentially having a mob maneuver him into the building by sheer force without stopping to cuff him first. 

They didn't cuff him in the garage, Bud. They disappeared him first, and then they showed him to us cuffed. But, that isn't real life, Bud. That's not how police work is done, Bud. In real life, in real police work, as opposed to this criminal stuff, they cuff the wild, belligerent suspect immediately before they move him anywhere. 

Remember what Jim Leavelle said, that Ruby was trying to shoot others after he shot Oswald. Leavelle said that if his partner LC Graves hadn't grabbed Ruby's arm, that he, Leavelle, would have been shot by Ruby. You cuff a guy like that. That is, if you don't shoot him dead first. They don't dance him from a garage into a building in a mob-like way, forcing him along by the thundering movement of a herd of men. No, what they do is cuff him.  ASAP. Then, it takes only one, or at the most two cops to move him along; civilized; where the fight and frenzy are over. I don't care that we eventually see him in cuffs. I want to know why they didn't stop to cuff him immediately in the garage. 

And as a general question, why does the discussion here have to be so unintelligent? This is 2016. There is no excuse for being this inept. A MOB SPONTANEOUSLY MOVES A MAN INTO A BUILDING THE WAY A TSUNAMI WOULD? And that's OK with you people, is it? How did they even know to do it? Were they prepped ahead of time? Did they have it all worked out? Did they know exactly what was going to happen? How did this take place? At no other time in history has a mob done that. So, how did this mob know to do it? Was someone directing, giving orders, calling the shots? If so, who? How is it that not one of those cops thought of cuffing him on the spot? How is it that not of them pulled his cuffs out and started to do it? Why was getting that guy out of view of the camera more important than cuffing him?    

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