Monday, August 22, 2016

Now, Unger is claiming that we can't compare these images since they show, primarily, opposite sides of the face. 

So, I guess that means we can't tell that these two are the same man, since they show primarily opposite sides of the face.

The main asymmetry that can occur in the face is that the two sides of the nose can be different. But, that wasn't true in Oswald's case. His nose was very symmetrical. Of course, the two sides of the hair can be different, since the hair is usually parted on one side and combed over. Plus, hair loss can occur in any which way and be very different from one side to the other. But, I don't include the hair in comparing Oswald and Doorman because of my belief that the conspirators moved over the top of Young Lovelady's head to Doorman.

It's the same hair and the same hairline. After 6 years? In a rapidly balding young man? And even if he weren't rapidly balding, his hair just happened to be the same length, the same cut, the same lay, the same exact everything after 6 years? No way. They moved it over. So, I'm not interested in comparing the hair, and everything else matches fine between Oswald and Doorman, even with a left to right comparison. It's not a problem.

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