Monday, August 29, 2016 

Question: Why would Oswald use an unreliable rifle (it tended to jam,
wasn't real accurate) that had been sitting in the garage for two months?
He didn't maintain it (according to Marina), hadn't practiced with it
(Sports Drome claims excepted), and had to take it apart in a risky
maneuver to smuggle it into the building.

He didn't know with any certainty when JFK would pass in front of him, he
couldn't count on his co-workers not being around at whatever time that
would be, he couldn't be sure he'd have the privacy needed to assemble the
rifle and wait for JFK to pass by, and he couldn't be sure he wouldn't be
spotted (as he was) and exposed (which he wasn't).

Look at all of the risks involved in this plan: Unreliable rifle, not
tested or used for months, taken apart, questionable accuracy, timing of
when JFK could be there, privacy, many things had to go
right and so many could go wrong.

Why not use the revolver? Wait on the street and approach JFK and shoot
him as he passes by. It's a suicide mission whether he uses the rifle or
the revolver. And the revolver tactic has so many fewer chances of

Ralph Cinque: That is a rather strange admission coming from a lonenutter. I guess Steve didn't get the memo that you're not supposed to point out things like that. And there are a lot more strange aspects to it than he mentioned. How could Ruth Paine have not seen the rifle wrapped in the colorful blanket when it was sitting in plain view in her small garage for two months? Her husband Michael kept running into it every time he visited, causing him to speculate in different ways about what it could be. Was it a military shovel? Was it tent poles for camping? He wondered. But, he never contemplated a rifle. However, Ruth claimed never to have seen it at all. And, it was her garage. She lived there. Michael didn't. 

If Oswald entered the TSBD with a rifle wrapped in a makeshift bag made of shipping paper, why didn't anybody see him with it? And I mean, of course, besides Frazier. Jack Dougherty saw Oswald the moment he walked in through the back door. So, why didn't he see it? Why didn't anybody else in that crowded building report seeing Oswald carrying an awkward package? 

Indeed, how could Oswald have made the assumption that the 6th floor would be all his? And worse than that, how did he go up there and set up the Sniper's Nest and retrieve his rifle and assemble it using a dime for a screwdriver when Bonnie Ray Williams was up there the whole time eating his fried chicken and drinking his Dr. Pepper? And Williams stayed put there until he heard his friends James Jarman and Harold Norman arrive on the 5th floor below him. Then he left to join them. But, that was VERY late, just scant minutes before the motorcade arrived. So, how, logistically speaking, could Oswald have done his prep work? 

The whole story has no legs. It is so outlandish, so preposterous, and so outrageous, that only a fool could believe it. And the only thing holding it up is the brute force power of the State and its iron-grip control of the US media. But, even that isn't going to sustain it. It's coming down, just like the Towers.  

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