Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The irony is that Ken O'Keefe, who hates America, hasn't killed anybody, and no one is accusing him of killing anybody. Though actually, I suppose it's possible and even likely that he killed some people when he was working for the US government as a Marine. He fought in the first Gulf War, and that's what drove him to try so hard to stop the second one. But, the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame never fought in any war, and he only did the minimal amount of shooting required by the Marines, practically flunking his last shooting test, and he never expressed hatred for anybody.

In the end, the ONLY- did you hear what I said? The ONLY way to account for Oswald supposedly shooting Kennedy is to declare that he was out of his mind, that he was criminally insane.  

But, the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame- the one that we see and recognize- was NOT insane. It's insane to say that he was insane because there is no basis to say it. Somehow, they twisted the mind of Marina Oswald to depict him as criminally insane- not that she ever tried to do anything about it or tell anyone about it during the tortured months that she lived with him after he supposedly cracked up, went insane, and became like Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining- but it is all bollocks. 

I'm telling you that they got to her; they got her to lie. I believe they applied MK UlTRA techniques on her. And you can tell just from listening to her that she is a troubled woman. 

You really should watch the interview that she did with Tom Brokaw in 1993, 30 years later. In my opinion, Brokaw badgered her. But, I want you to notice how nervous and uncomfortable she was talking about it, even though she was trying to defend Oswald and advocate his innocence. To my eyes, she looks extremely uncomfortable, unhappy, and troubled. And, her countenance is in sharp contrast to how she was in 1964, judging from the tone of her responses to the Warren Commission and comparing them to this:


Why should she be more nervous and more uncomfortable talking to Tom Brokaw in 1993 than she was talking to the Warren Commission in 1964? Here she is in 1964 with the journalist Priscilla McMillan who wrote a book damning Oswald to Hell called Marina and Lee, which she wrote with Marina's help. Two-thirds of the royalties from that book went to Marina.

Look how glowing she looks in the non-reality of it all. She's like a celebrity. Can't you picture a thousand flashbulbs going off.  It's nice to live in a dreamworld- sometimes. And, money, moolah, do-rey-mi had a lot to do with Marina's conversion into an Oswald accuser. And who knows how many hugs she got for saying all those awful things, terrible lies about Oswald. It was probably more hugs than she had gotten in her entire life. But, despite Priscilla's generosity, Marina cut off all contact with her in 1982, and they haven't been in touch since, and both are still alive. So, what does that tell you? I suspect Marina is the most haunted woman on Planet Earth. What she has to live with each day must be unbearable. Look what she did to Oswald! Look what she said about him! And it's stuff that she has never taken back. 

But, I don't think love and money were the only means by which they converted Marina into an Oswald accuser. I want to know what drugs she was given. And I am saying that on the basis of David Talbot's book, The Devil's Chessboard, his chapter on the CIA's MK-ULTRA program, and remember that they had a whole decade of practice before Marina came along. Their mind control methods involved drugs and always included drugs. I want to know what drugs Marina was given during her "protective custody" and undoubtedly under the guise of medical care. Look: Jack Ruby was in protective custody too, that is, in prison, and he was given drugs. They flew out a leading mind control specialist from California just to treat him. I suspect and assume that a similar approach was taken with Marina. 

Marina Oswald is still alive, and I hope she lives long. But, she is getting up there in years, and she does have quite a few health problems. And no one lives forever. The main thing she needs to do before she dies, in my opinion, is to come clean about what they did to her in 1963/1964 to get her to say the awful things she did, the false statements, the fictitious memories, the outright lies about Oswald to the Warren Commission. If she dies without doing that, it will be a terrible pity and an irreparable loss. 

But, getting back to Lee Harvey Oswald, he is the most railroaded, most falsely maligned, most wrongly vilified person in history. The Lee Harvey Oswald of fame is a complete, total creation; a figment of the imagination of the CIA. He wasn't even Lee Harvey Oswald; not really; that was somebody else; they gave him that name. The dark, hellish wickedness of it all...but they knew that it was a space, a mental space, that Americans wouldn't go to. That's what they counted on. That's what bolstered them- knowing that Americans' image of America was that this is a country where such a thing could never happen because this is the United States of America. But underneath the facade of the United States of America, there is a nightmare reality, and this- what they did to the man we know as Lee Harvey Oswald- goes to the underbelly of it. 


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