Saturday, August 20, 2016

This is the image of Oswald's shirt that the Warren Commission published:

And it's the only part of Oswald that Robert Groden used in his infamous photo analysis which found for Lovelady. Somvabitch includes three images of Lovelady and none of Oswald. None of Oswald, none of Oswald, none of Oswald. 

One easily gets the impression of no contrast and no pattern. But, here's how Oswald's shirt really looked:

Again: the false:

and the true:

Look at how the variation, the light/dark contrast, the pattern jump out at you. That would, and easily does, account for the variation and light/dark contrast we see on Doorman's shirt. 

It's been nothing but lies from the beginning. I'm just waiting to see if there is anybody left who is willing to say out loud that Doorman is Lovelady, after seeing this. Go ahead: fling the blood. 

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