Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Forget it, Unger. Big mistake opening up that can of worms. Don't tell me where Martin was in the Moorman photo. This is NOT a hand. It looks like a clam.

This is fake. The real BJ Martin was taken out of the "Moorman" photo. From Babushka's angle, he was captured like this:

This is how Martin really looked in "Moorman" before it was altered.

It wasn't exactly like that but it was close to that. That was Marie Muchmore's view from the angle that she was shooting. But, Babushka Lady's angle was similar to hers, so her view- and her camera's view- were similar. So, the Moorman photo, which was originally the Babushka photo, looked something like that. The image of just the right hand and forearm, supposedly, of BJ Martin, was added. And that was the purpose of the ridiculous white thumbprint, which was done deliberately. How exactly does pressing one's thumb into a dry Polaroid picture leave a white thumbprint? Try it with one of your old Polaroids, if you have any. I have. You'd have to have your thumb dipped into some wet sticky white substance for that to happen. 

How come you can see Hargis' tool box behind him but across from him, Cheyney looks like he's riding a riding lawn mower? How come Bill Newman's left arm looks amputated? And why does shit like this only happen in the JFK assassination? 

Just walk away, Unger. You don't want to revisit this. Because: I am in the same space, the same mindset about it that I was a year ago, and I am rarin' to go. 

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