Saturday, August 20, 2016

I just came across a new image of Oswald from 11/22 that I have never seen before, and unlike all those press photos, it's particularly good and clear and crisp. 

And notice how in-focus Oswald is compared to the hazy guy behind him. So, what we can see here that we don't often see? First, the shirt: we're seeing that fine, grainy pattern. You could practically say that it's plaid, but it's more like woven or tweed. It certainly isn't a solid color. It's definitely a complex pattern. And notice the light/dark contrast. It's practically salt and pepper. Light/dark, light/dark, light/dark. That's Doorman shirt.

The larger, wider streaks of lightness are due to light reflection (because he was standing in the bright sunlight) and the distorting effect of enlarging the image- stretching the pixels. That is Oswald's shirt.

What also stands out is the deep crevice or chin dimple above the chin, which we also see on Doorman.

We don't see it on Lovelady because Lovelady didn't have it. 

The deep chin crevice is a match to Oswald. 

Also, notice how well the noses match. My God, that's perfect!

Now, that is the same nose, no doubt about it. Lovelady had a bulbous honker, in comparison. The chiseled, aqualine shape and the large nostril seen on both of them and the rather pointed tip- that's Oswald's nose on Doorman.

Look how well the ears match, and there is nothing wrong with comparing a right ear to a left because the ears are remarkably symmetrical on everybody.

Those are perfectly matching ears: the helix, the angle, the pitch, the lobule; it's all the same. Look how different Lovelady's was with the longer, fleshier lobule. 

Look, people: as OIC Chairman Larry Rivera says, "It's over." It's Oswald. That is 1000% certain. Nobody can deny it without being a a complete jerk. There is no image of Lovelady that begins to compare in the particulars the way this does. It's over. Anyone who denies it, from this point forward, is crimson red in blood. Blood red. 

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