Thursday, August 25, 2016

You're wrong again, Unger. The only one you got right was for the Zapruder film, that Z-315 corresponds to when the Moorman photo was taken. But, you're wrong about Nix, and you're wrong about Muchmore. 

How this could be when Mary Moorman took her photo when the Kennedys are already way past Mary? Are you forgetting that she was poised and prepared to take their picture from the moment they rounded the corner at the top of the hill? So, why would she let them get way past her before snapping the picture? She wouldn't. She couldn't. She didn't. This is way after the Moorman photo. About this one, you are grossly wrong. You missed by a mile.

The truth is that there is no frame in the Nix film that corresponds to the Moorman photo. None.

Now, for Muchmore, you got it wrong, but you're just a little late. 
The problem is that the motorcycles have advanced too far next to the limo. This is a little late. 

This is the correct one. I don't know the exact frame number, but it is in the 30s.

But, let's look at Mary in Muchmore42 up close:

Notice that her right hand is not on top of the camera. Recall how it looked in the Zapruder film.

So, so how come we don't we see her right hand in Muchmore?

And look how low her left arm is. I'll mark that elbow too.

She, obviously, doesn't have her left hand up on the camera either. Her forearm couldn't possibly be that long. So, how exactly is she holding and supporting that camera? Is it the levitating camera?

Mary had her camera down by that point; below eye level. She was done taking her picture at that point. And that's true for both Muchmore42 and for the Muchmore frame that I put up. Mary Moorman did not take the Moorman photo, and she wasn't shooting at the time it was taken. She took her picture BEFORE the Moorman photo was taken. 

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