Monday, August 29, 2016

The incredibly stupid and unbelievably brash Joseph Backes keeps saying over and over that it is impossible to capture motion in a photograph. He thinks this woman below could be standing still. Notice that you can see that one foot is off the ground; she is mid-stride. The idea that she is standing still like that- on one foot- is truly preposterous. I can't think of anything more stupid in the annals of stupidity than what Backes said. 

Her foot is off the ground, Backes; she's walking.
Her foot is off the ground, Backes; she's walking.
Her foot is off the ground, Backes; she's walking
Her food is off the ground, Backes; she's walking.
You are the dumbest mudder-plucker who ever lived. 

That is Babe Ruth hitting a home run. He is obviously in motion, and so is the ball. How could he possibly not be in motion? He's not posing for a picture. He's doing something. 

Can we see that these guys are in motion, or shall we assume that they are frozen that way? 

Here are dancers dancing, dancing being a motion. You don't have to see "blur" in a photo to know that there is motion going on. You can infer the motion even if the photo is sharp as a tack. 

They are definitely in motion. Notice the woman with her foot raised high in the air. She isn't static. She's moving.

 Static or moving? Can you tell?

Backes, you are the stupidest mudderplucker to ever walk the face of the Earth. You are so totally brainless and incompetent, I suspect that you're incapable of doing anything, that you're literally helpless. 

Oh, and by the way, true to form, he still denies that I used Tri-X film. 

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