Saturday, August 27, 2016

So, this is Part IV of my slapdown of the cyber hitman and interstate criminal who goes by bpete. But, note that all this is going up only because of him, of what he wrote. All this presentation is going to be here forever, drawing good placement on Google and other search engines. 

So, the irony is that he's really helping me. And, if he was smarter, he would stop giving me material to work with. 

Next, he put up this diagram showing the sides and angles of a right triangle.

And, he wants me to go to that website and start plugging in slope values and checking the tangent.

This is ridiculous. It is common knowledge that when you photograph a car that is going down a hill, it looks like it is going down a hill. 

But then, get this, he actually tilted the photo.

He created the slope he needed by tilting the photo!

But, you can't do that. The photo is what it is.

The photo is what it is. We don't live in a theoretical world, and we don't live in JFK-land. We live in the real world. And in the real world, there is no excuse for that limo to be going upward when it should be going downward. 

I am telling you that the crap that you spew isn't worth shit. And at this point in time, you hitting more keys isn't going to cut it. Get yourself to Dealey Plaza with a camera and car. You duplicate the Moorman photo. And forget JFK and Jackie. You don't need surrogates for them. You just need a surrogate for the limo. You take a picture of it where the line of car in relation to the bottom of the picture conforms to what we see above. And at the same time, you have somebody take a picture of you taking the picture, so that we see exactly where you are and exactly how you are. Then, you can post the results, and we'll talk about it. 

And keep in mind that if you really believed the shit you spew, YOU'D DO IT! Heck, you traveled to Austin to commit crimes against me. So, why not travel to Dallas to test your theory? Just think of the satisfaction. Come on. You hate me enough to do it. Go for it. 

Others have gone to Dealey Plaza to recreate the Moorman photo in one aspect or another, and that includes me. There was a team that did it, and guess what? They concluded that the Moorman photo ws taken on a diagonal.

That camera is on a tripod, and that guy, presumably, has it set at a height that matched the height of Mary's camera. I think he's about right about the angle, but if he's basing it on where Mary stood, then he's wrong about the location. The Moorman photo was taken by Babushka Lady. So, he should have been standing in her spot. 

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